Off-Grid Solar 
Power Systems

From an off-grid southwestern ranch to a remote FAA administered airport, standalone power systems featuring solar with energy storage are NewGrid's pedigree, expertise and passion. 

Grid-Tie Solar with
Energy Storage

For grid-tie solar with battery storage customers, NewGrid provides complete Lithium-Ion and VRLA 

battery systems.  We are a preferred installer in all Arizona 

electric utility service areas.

Telecom and Remote Interface Solutions

Perched on a mountaintop or isolated within a dense rainforest, NewGrid provides cost effective solutions to power telecom and electronic interface equipment in the most remote, inaccessible locations.


NewGrid Inc. is an Arizona-based design-build contracting firm focused on expertly designed and skillfully integrated solar with energy storage and direct water pumping systems.  We excel in remote power system projects for off and on grid residential, commercial and public sector customers.  


We are extremely well versed in the classic and new to market component offerings and architectures, be it power-conditioning components, battery storage chemistries, and photovoltaic module advancements.

We are well funded and led by experienced leadership, hone our top-tier reputation with a talented engineering and installation workforce and take great pride in delivering to our customers exceptional results.  

Solar Direct
Water Pumping

Whether the desired water flow is 5 gallons a minute for livestock or 50,000 gallons a day for industrial and municipal purposes, NewGrid posseses the requisite experience to deliver optimal solutions.

Design, Engineering And Consulting

NewGrid is uniquely positioned to offer a team of exceptionally experienced system designers, engineers and architects to support your project's design, engineering and consulting needs.

Developing Community Electrification

As challenging as rural electrification projects can be, NewGrid develops economically viable, high-impact micro and mini grid solutions that empower people and create positive change.



Long before Tesla and Powerwalls, NewGrid’s ownership designed and installed this residential grid-tie with battery back-up system featuring a GM EV1 electric car charger (Circa 2001).

NewGrid currently services the Southwest USA with our design-build capabilities.  We provide design and project management services globally, with active project development in Mexico and the Caribbean.



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